Team Biden’s charging 1,000 more with Jan. 6 crimes to perpetuate a fake political emergency

In this article, you will get all the information regarding Team Biden’s charging 1,000 more with Jan. 6 crimes to perpetuate a fake political emergency

The Biden administration plans to charge another 1,000 Trump supporters with crimes related to the Capitol conflict on Jan. 6.

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It would create the kind of political emergency that justifies President Joe Biden’s war on domestic extremism.

But a change in federal judges has turned the January 6 trials into kangaroo courts and a mockery of jailing nonviolent Trump supporters for threatening American democracy.

More than a thousand people have already been charged for the crimes of 6 January.

This equates to nearly half the total number of protesters who entered the Capitol that day.

A corrupt numbers game is at the heart of the Biden campaign-prosecution.

The more people blamed for January 6th, the easier it becomes for Biden’s re-election campaign to portray the president as a savior against right-wing tyranny.

More than 1,000 people have already been charged for the crimes of January 6.
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January 6 is also Biden’s primary proof that there is a serious threat from America white supremacy,

The Biden White House has already taken advantage of the capitol clash to sanctify federal censorship.

Biden White House digital director Robert Flaherty threatened Facebook on January 6 to increase its suppression of genuine criticisms of COVID policies and vaccines.

Most of the protesters who violently attacked police or destroyed public property on January 6 have already been appropriately charged by the union.

But Biden Prosecutors Are Ruining People’s Lives For “Parades Without Permits” near Capitol that day.

With another thousand cases in the works, would they impeach someone with allegedly seditious views within a mile of the Capitol?

Pro-Trump groups had official permits to protest on January 6 near the Capitol.

Videos from that day show police and perhaps undercover agents or informers breaking down barriers that prevented protesters from entering prohibited areas.

The full role of undercover federal agents on January 6 remains secret.

Regardless, mass crime was increasingly associated with all the protesters.

jacob chancelle
Protesters who violently attacked police or destroyed public property on January 6 have already been charged.

Yogananda Pitman, the acting chief of the Capitol Police, told Congress that January 6 involved a “terrorist attack by thousands of insurgents”.

Pittman’s statement seemed insane in 2021, but Team Biden has since turned to conventional wisdom.

The FBI classifies all of the Jan. 6 defendants as “domestic terrorists”—even though only a small percentage of anti-Trump protesters engaged in violence that day, and most were only convicted of misdemeanor charges.

FBI informants reveal that FBI bosses “pressured agents to move cases [domestic violence and extremism] category to hit self-created performance metrics,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) wrote again.

FBI Special Agent Garrett O’Boyle said that “the FBI asked him to break down one case of domestic terrorism into ‘four separate cases’.” Fox News reported“To show Congress the influx of domestic-terrorism cases.”

If the January 6 court cases are heard by a jury of the defendants’ peers, federal prosecutors will likely be striking far and wide.

Instead, all cases are being heard in Washington with juries staffed by government employees who tend to believe everything they hear on NPR.

At least one judge is blocking the Jan. 6 defendants from accessing Capitol security footage of Tucker Carlson that has already been aired recently.

tucker carlson
A judge has already ruled Jan. 6 to block the defendants from accessing Capitol security footage that recently aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
Fox News

As of Friday, James Boasberg is the new chief justice overseeing all Jan. 6 trials for the D.C. Federal Circuit.

Boasberg was the guardian angel for a corrupt FBI officer whose actions helped open the floodgates of political chaos and widespread mistrust.

Former FBI Assistant General Counsel Kevin Kleinsmith admitted in 2020 that he falsified key evidence in order to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on the 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

That investigation prompted a stream of leaks of classified information by the FBI (including chief James Comey) and the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

His investigation rocked national politics for two years before Mueller acknowledged there was no evidence to prosecute Trump or his campaign officials for collusion with Russia in the 2016 campaign.

Federal prosecutors wanted the disgraced FBI lawyer sent to prison because the “damage of his crime was immeasurable.”

But Boasberg expressed sympathy for the confessed criminal: “Mr Klinesmith has lost his job in government service – which has given much meaning to his life. Boasberg gives Clinesmith a slap of the wrist – 400 hours Community service and 12 months’ probation.

The Justice Department’s inspector general documented numerous abuses of power and deceit by FBI officials in the Trump investigation, but not a single FBI official spent a day behind bars.

Does Boasberg believe federal agents have the right to destroy our democracy?

Video Tucker Carlson released of veterans of protesters walking peacefully through the Capitol on January 6th.

How can federal prosecutors harass citizens who committed no violence after a chief federal judge practically exonerated an FBI officer whose crime helped open a political Pandora’s box?

We still don’t know what happened inside the Capitol Jan. 6, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy promised to “slowly roll out” 40,000 hours of surveillance footage to every news agency.

But Team Biden’s plan to sacrifice another thousand Americans on the altar on January 6th is a travesty of justice and due process.

James Bovard is the author of 10 books and a member of the USA TODAY Board of Contributors.

Team Biden’s charging 1,000 more with Jan. 6 crimes to perpetuate a fake political emergency

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