Teen girls film moment they woke up to stranger in their cabin during father-daughter retreat

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Video captured by three teenage girls shows the moment they awoke to find a stranger standing near the foot of their bed in the cabin they were staying in during a father-daughter ranch retreat.

The teenagers and their fathers, from South Florida, were staying at Circle F Dude Ranch in Lake Wales, Florida when the incident happened. According WPLGby Local10the girls and their fathers were at camp to participate in a father-daughter bonding program called Indian Princess.

However, in a video shared by the outlet, it shows the moment one of the teenage girls started recording on her phone, after one of the girls woke up to find a stranger in a hoodie standing at the above her in the middle of the night.

In the clip, the teens could be heard whispering to each other, while one of the girls called for her father, who was staying in a cabin on the other side of the camp, according to the outlet.

The video, which was filmed at 4am, also showed the moment the man appeared to rise from the floor, where he had been hiding under the bed, prompting one of the girls to gasp in fear.

“I’m so scared. My hands are shaking,” one of the teenagers could be heard saying at one point in the clip, before his dad asked on the phone if the cabin’s front door was unlocked.

The man, who was later identified as Raul Mora-Yanez, a 25-year-old camp worker, then left the cabin, at which point the teenagers could be heard encouraging their fathers to hurry.

“Give. dad. I just left!” one of the girls said to her father on the phone, while another said, “Tell him to run. Tell him to run! Oh my god, he’s wearing a hoodie. He wears a black hoodie with an alien on the back.

The video helped authorities identify Mora-Yanez, who was charged with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling, according to Polk County police records. He was released on $25,000 bail on November 7, a day after his arrest, records show.

According to Local10, Mora-Yanez told authorities he had been drinking and was going for a walk when he entered the cabin, which he thought was empty.

The former camp employee also claimed that the cabin door had been unlocked. However, deputies said that was not the case and that Mora-Yanez had been given a key which would have allowed him to enter the locked cabin.

“It’s disturbing, it’s scary, it’s disturbing,” said the teen families’ attorney, Eric Schwartzreich. “They were emotionally traumatized.”

Schwartzreich also said the families were concerned about the contents of Mora-Yanez’s phone, as one of the girls claimed the ranch hand was holding his phone when he entered their cabin. According to Schwartzreich, authorities should have requested a search warrant to see the contents of the phone. However, Mora-Yanez found his phone upon his release from prison, reports Local10.

The ranch told the outlet that Mora-Yanez was a former camper and was “distressed and disappointed” by the incident, while a Polk County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told Local10 that the investigation was still open.

In a separate statement, Mora-Yanez’s attorney, Brett Schwartz, told Local10 that the 25-year-old “is a good boy who has been affiliated with Circle F Ranch since 2009 as a camper or staff advisor.”

“As a father myself, I understand the anxiety of parents. However, like the allegations, it is based only on presumptions and not on facts. In a court, it is the latter that counts, ”added the lawyer.

Mora-Yanez, who has no criminal history, is due in court on December 13, according to the Daily mail.

The Independent contacted Circle F Dude Ranch and the Polk County Sheriff’s Office for comment.

Teen girls film moment they woke up to stranger in their cabin during father-daughter retreat

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