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In response to the latest hit article by American Enterprise Institute Fellow Michael Rubin, NCRI Foreign Relations Committee member Dr. Questioned the unfair slander against Hulk (MEK).

Shedding light on Rubin’s past as a professional propagandist who best served Tehran’s interests, Dr. Safavi also explored Rubin’s relationship with Iranian state officials and his actions as an Iranian intelligence agent to draw the United States into Iraq. revealed his close relationship with Ahmed Chalabi. War in 2003.

The article by Dr. Ali Safavi is reprinted below.

Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel Ali Safavi 1

shave the bottom of the barrel

Michael Rubin’s eccentric behavior and unjustified slurs against the Mujahideen Hulk (MEK) continue. But this time, Rubin is scraping the bottom of the barrel after I cornered him about his previous fabrications. With his ludicrous allegations about MEK’s lack of popularity in Iran exposed, he now claims that MEK is the largest Iranian opposition group because it has no supporters in the US federal government. The hidden premise is that the Iranian movement, which claims to have support, is disloyal unless such support is proven within the U.S. Federal Service and by employees with security clearances. is!

Rubin’s conventional and sloppy sophistry is admitted. First, he cannot reliably access the political views of the three million federal members on any issue, let alone the MEK. Second, the premise that the popularity of the Iranian opposition movement should be anchored to the degree of support from those with “security clearance” within the U.S. government is utterly bizarre, and the AEI is not such a giant. It raises the question of how we continue to tolerate such failures.

The fact that Nelson Mandela was considered a “terrorist” by the United States until 2008, nearly 15 years after he took office, and the fact that his supporters may not have had security clearance from the U.S. government. The fact that there is had little logical impact on Mandela’s popularity. his hometown. So Rubin’s argument is not only false, it is literally insane and even absurd.

As for MEK, Rubin’s ink is fluid prejudice and psychosis. Concerned. In 2014, he was involved in an investigation that revealed a multi-million dollar deal between his UAE and his PR firm Camstoll. Rubin was cited as a “journalist” who wrote articles supporting the UAE government’s political agenda. Even Amnesty International officials questioned whether Rubin was actually paid to write articles spewing propaganda against dissidents. His track record in Iraq and Turkey is similar, and while we won’t delve into the details of each case, these concerns have been raised about his actions. ”

Rubin has also developed questionable ties with Iranian officials. He plays it down now, but in the 1990s he was so trusted that he spent several months in Iran and investigated the archives of the notorious IRGC Foundation. I remember giving a “lecture” in the costume of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1999, he exchanged views with an “audience of about 500 people” in Iran, including “government officials.” For the “American Iran hawks” who claim to oppose the mullah, this is a considerable victory. Yet Rubin continues to dismiss legitimate questions about his troubled past as “conspiracy theories” and resort to personal attacks against me.

But most interestingly, he is very reticent about his close relationship with Ahmed Chalabi, who acted as an Iranian intelligence agent to draw the US into the Iraq war in 2003. said the former Air Force officer. “They take a little bit of intelligence and pick it up and make it sound more exciting.” He’s doing the exact same thing with MEK now.

The truth is that MEK has “great support” from former US officials and lawmakers, many of whom had/had security clearance while serving in the federal government! Some have served in various administrations even after publicly supporting and appearing at its gatherings and events.

Any keen observer can easily spot MEK’s growing influence, save for its reclusive propaganda. In 2016, Asharq Al-Awsat reported that his MEK rally in 2016 attracted “more than 100,000 Iranian dissidents” in Paris. In 2022, hundreds of pro-MEK Iranian-American scientists, academics, and engineers wrote to President Joe Biden, calling for firm policy against the Iranian regime.

I have already seen Rubin cheaply stolen from the Iranian Intelligence Service (MOIS) in January 2006, July 2011, August 2021, August and November 2022, and January and February 2023. debunked other unsubstantiated claims of It has been countered countless times by eminent scholars, experts, scholars, political leaders and observers around the world.

As Rubin declares, the removal of MEK’s terrorist designation was not a “diplomatic sleight of hand”. Twenty major and historic court rulings by his second highest court in Europe and America shattered the label of “terrorist”.

What is really sad for AEI is that Rubin’s anti-MEK slander has been produced by hundreds of government media outlets such as Alef, Raja News, SNN, Farda News, Mehr News, Bultan News, ISNA, and Quds Force’s Young Journalists Club. It’s what’s covered in the article. , and Kayhan, the spokesperson for the regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei. His latest hit is promoted by his MOIS outfit. Rubin is perhaps the most prominent of the US “Iranian hawks” mullah his media darling. It’s just baffling.

Facts still exist outside Rubin and Khamenei’s Kaihan feverish bubble. Whether Rubin likes it or not, the pathetic remnants of the abdicated monarchy offer no chance for Iran’s future, and the MEK remains “the largest and most active Iranian” organization. In its 2013 Unclassified Administrative Records Summary (SAR), the US State Department acknowledged that the MEK had “developed into the largest and most active Iranian dissident group.” At the time, the State Department was not a fan of his MEK.

To maintain his tarnished reputation, Michael Rubin may need to take a break from ghostwriting Mullah and focus on deprogramming him from cult propaganda. Otherwise, his growing popularity with Khamenei’s anti-American propaganda machine could jeopardize his chances of obtaining a security clearance should he decide to pursue a career at the Pentagon again.

Safavi (@amsafavi) is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) based in Paris.

The truth behind Michael Rubin’s claims against Iran’s primary opposition group – New Hubs Uk

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