The Unexpected Help | Russian stock market avoids collapse, but only thanks to mafia intervention ​​​​​​

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Down on the Moscow Stock Exchange: but according to some rumours, apparently circulating from people with contacts in Russia, it would have fallen further had the Russian mafia not decided to save it from total disaster by giving us capital in large amounts pumps.

At the end of Tuesday’s trading session, the MOEX index, which turns 25 today and is the Russian stock market’s main ruble-denominated benchmark, fell 8.84% to 2215.67 points. And by 9.31%, to 2,215.67 points, RTS, a weighted index of free float capitalization of 50 Russian stocks traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange, the list of which is revised every three months. “In the context of news and falling oil prices,” Tass informs. And he explains that among this “news” would be written that “the government is discussing the introduction of an additional tax for oil, gas and LNG exporters”.

In short, investors would not have reacted to the scenario of annexations and partial mobilizations provoked by Putin, according to which, in practice, Russia would either have to bombard the West with nuclear bombs until the next Donbass village reoccupied by the Ukrainians; or Putin himself makes the figure of the “cardboard guappo,” as Totò would have said. no They would worry about excessive taxes on crude oil exports. It’s true that Tass generally added that “almost all stocks lost on negative news,” without explaining what that other news was.

The fact is, however, that among the most severely penalized stocks were not just the energy giants: -7.90% for Lukoil; over 6% loss for Gazprom and Rosneft. State bank Sberbank also lost more than 6%, while “Russian Google” Yandex even lost 8.50%. In short, the feeling from international observers is that investors have met the announced escalation with an even more massive rejection than citizens, who have immediately sold out their seats on flights to Yerevan, Tbilisi and Istanbul, the last possible destinations. to travel from Russia to a country with a modicum of European image – in particular, ticket prices from Moscow to Istanbul have skyrocketed: eloquent proof of how enthusiastic Russians are in old age to be mobilized to fight and engage in carnage to die.

Someone remarks that at this point the sanctions would become completely useless. Putin alone is enough to break up what little remains of the productive structure and commercial channels.

However, there is this “rumor” about the Russian mafia, which is not the only one. On the one hand, in the confusion of hypotheses about the mysterious series of deaths of managers and oligarchs since the beginning of the year, there has actually been no lack of mafia warnings.

In the scenario, the Russian mafia’s traffic is severely affected by the sanctions; and the various intelligence chiefs who have been humiliated or even punished by Putin; and the allegations against the secret service that it caused Putin to act in Ukraine based on misinformation. And the idea would therefore be that of a conspiracy between sectors of the mafia and service sectors: perhaps to burn a Putin who has become too intrusive; perhaps to resist his decisions, deemed disastrous; maybe a mixture of both; perhaps a clash between opposing sectors. Even the mysterious attack that killed Darya Dugina was read as a warning to Putin, by a figure who meant little or nothing but could be symbolic in the media.

On the other hand, there has also been talk of an anti-war “decree” predating v zakone, the “thieves in law”: a traditional Soviet-era mafia organization that would have required supporters to “remain neutral” in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. But the vor v zakone are somewhat different from the organizacija: the new modern mafia that emerged after the collapse of the USSR.

Additionally, a Spanish judicial investigation has unearthed important links between senior state officials and members of the “Tambov Gang”: the dominant mafia clan in St. Petersburg in the 1990s, when Putin was the city’s deputy mayor. And there is an analysis of Putin’s power system as a “mafia state” ranging from Wikileaks to the most recent book by Moisés Naím.

The Unexpected Help | Russian stock market avoids collapse, but only thanks to mafia intervention ​​​​​​

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