“The Vampire Diaries”: Klaus Mikaelson’s major love interests look too much like Rebekah, some fans find

In this article, you will get all the information regarding “The Vampire Diaries”: Klaus Mikaelson’s major love interests look too much like Rebekah, some fans find

In between the Vampire Diaries and The original, it’s clear these shows don’t shy away from melodrama. Characters say what they mean, or at least lie about it out loud so that their intentions are clear to the viewer. But when fans revisit both shows, they’ll find a lot more to chew on than first sight might suggest, particularly as it relates to Klaus Mikaelson.

Klaus’ romantic life has always been strained. He always tended toward a certain type of woman for his significant romances. And some fans are convinced it’s all for deep family reasons.

Klaus became a big part of the Vampire Diaries expanded universe. He carried The originaland even appeared in the latest spin-off, legacies. Actor Joseph Morgan earned that status by bringing more to the character than was on the page.

This feat earned Klaus a pass to continue after originally planning a Season 3 death on the flagship show. With his new life, he stuck with it long enough to have it two Fan Favorite Romances Starring Caroline Forbes and Camille O’Connell. And fans noticed an odd fact: These two women had fiery personalities and strikingly long blonde hair.

These traits are shared by Rebekah Mikaelson, Klaus’ sister. who he is very close and borderline obsessed with. In fact, this has become a regular topic in the Vampire Diaries recent fan base.

As one Reddit fan, Constant-Cable-6814, put it: “I’m CONVINCED he only chose Caroline because she superficially resembles Rebekah and because like Rebekah she’s supposed to be neurotic. It wasn’t acceptable on the CW for Klaus to go after his sister, so they had Caroline. It would have been a different story on HBO, lmao.” And they weren’t the only ones who shared similar sentiments.

The parallels between Rebekah and Klaus’ major love interests are so strong that once you’ve seen it, it’s kind of a theme. It’s hard to deny that the showrunners of the Vampire Diaries and The original ran to the edge of some uncomfortable ideas.

But some fans think it goes deeper than Rebekah and actually stems from Klaus’ unmet need for acceptance from his mother Esther Mikaelson. The powerful witch left Klaus behind as he turned around. A Reddit thread on Klaus’ romances delves into the topic.

“I think he’s just having mom issues,” wrote user girlwhofeelsinterrupted. “I feel more like in every headstrong blonde woman he meets (Rebekah, Caroline, Camille) he looks for the love his mother couldn’t give him.”

Part of the problem with Klaus’ romantic habits may stem from the writers’ handling of the apparent on-screen chemistry Morgan and Rebekah’s actress Claire Holt had, reports Screen Rant. Their relationship was very sweet and positive overall, but suddenly took dark turns. Klaus could be possessive to the point of toxicity – likely to take advantage of the fact that Morgan and Holt always had an edge in their scenes together.

The original never made any of this explicit. It’s a fantastic creative choice that gives fans room to speculate and reflect on the deeper themes of the series. But it’s also undoubtedly uncomfortable given how it links romantic feelings to family trauma.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Klaus Mikaelson’s major love interests look too much like Rebekah, some fans find

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