Walker blasts Sean Warnock in new ad with female athlete ‘forced to compete against a biological male’

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Herschel Walker, the GOP nominee in the Georgia runoff Senate race, released a new runoff ad to hit Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock for voting against an amendment that would ban funding to educational institutions that allow biological males to compete in women’s sports.

The ad features Walker with Riley Gaines, a 12-time NCAA All-American swimmer who shares her story of competing against a biological male in women’s swimming.

“For over a decade I’ve worked so hard, practicing at 4 a.m. to be the best. But my senior year, I was forced to compete against a biological male,” Gaines said in a campaign ad.

Walker called the contest “unfair and wrong.”

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“A man won a swimming title that went to a woman and Sen. Warnock voted to let that happen,” Gaines said, condemning Warnock’s vote against Title IX that bars biological males from participating in women’s sports.

“Warnock is afraid to stand up for female athletes,” Walker said, before Gaines leapt to optimistically applaud the Republican Senate for standing up “for what’s right.”

Warnock did not respond to LBL Digital’s request for comment on the new ad.

Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock voted against Title IX
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In March, Gaines was forced to compete in the 200-yard NCAA Championships against biological male Leah Thomas, and eventually tied with her. The race quickly gained national attention, and Gaines joined several Republican candidates in the campaign this cycle.

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The involvement of transgender athletes in women’s sports is an issue that various GOP candidates have highlighted up and down the ballot in the campaign this cycle, claiming that their Democratic opponents support biological men who campaign with female athletes while campaigning with female athletes who personally lose an athletic competition. has been Against a biological male who identifies as female.

Republican US Senate candidate Herschel Walker is seeking to unseat Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.
(Bren Anderson, John Bazemore)

In March 2021, Warnock voted against an amendment that would have “prohibited funds available under Title II to states, local educational agencies, and institutions of higher education that allow any student’s biological gender to participate in an athletic program or activity designated male. Female or For girls.”

The ad comes just two weeks before Warnock and Walker face off in a Dec. 6 Senate runoff in Georgia.

Walker blasts Sean Warnock in new ad with female athlete ‘forced to compete against a biological male’

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