What topics will dominate Biden visit talks? Trudeau offers hint

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US President Joe Biden will reach Ottawa on Thursday on a two-day visit with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau where many issues will be discussed.

Biden’s visit will be his first as president, making his first trip north since taking the oath of office in 2021.

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The neighbors have a long history of cooperation, and on Wednesday Trudeau hinted at what would be at the “center” of his talks with Biden.

“Obviously, we’re going to talk about a lot of things,” he told reporters in Ottawa.


“Of course, we will talk about China, but the focus of our conversations will be on jobs and growth, critical minerals and fighting climate change, and continuing to build an economy across the continent that works for all of our citizens. Do.”

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When the White House confirmed Biden’s visit earlier this month, it said topics that would be discussed included continued support for Ukraine in the face of Russia’s invasion, instability in Haiti, supply chain resilience and trade in both countries. The ongoing opioid overdose epidemic. for statement.

The Prime Minister’s Office had earlier said in a statement that the two leaders would also discuss cooperation on climate action and the economy.

“Canada and the United States are allies, neighbors and most importantly friends,” Trudeau said in a statement. “I look forward to welcoming President Biden to Canada.”

Another top issue will be the modernization of NORAD, the shared continental air defense network that hit the headlines last month following the appearance of a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon hovering over Canada and the US.

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That object and three others detected over North America days later – all of which were shot down by the US – have drawn new scrutiny over NORAD’s surveillance and defense capabilities as well as its current limitations.

Both the US and Canada are committed to updating and strengthening NORAD in the coming years, as well as developing new tools to detect and defend against new threats, such as surveillance balloons.

In addition, the two leaders are likely to discuss the unregulated migrant crossing at Roxham Road on the Quebec-New York border. Trudeau said in French that the government was working with the US to “fix the situation” at the crossing and that talks were ongoing.

Biden last visited Canada in December 2016, when he was vice president in the Obama administration.

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The last time a sitting US president was in Canada was in June 2018 when Donald Trump came to Quebec for the G7 Leaders’ Summit.

Canada is usually one of the first foreign trips for a new president, but Biden’s trip has been delayed due to COVID-19. Biden was elected President in late 2020.

Trudeau and Biden have spoken and met repeatedly since then, most recently during a summit of North American leaders with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico City in January.

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What topics will dominate Biden visit talks? Trudeau offers hint

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