‘Worst organization in history’: ‘Hottest World Cup fan’ Ivana Knoll lashes out at Qatar officials

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Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll already thinks FIFA World Cup 2022 is a ‘disaster’

DOHA, QATAR: A Croatian football fan dubbed the “hottest fan of the World Cup” recently slammed at this year’s Qatar tournament, calling it “the worst organization in history”.

Ivana Knoll, former Miss Croatia, used her Instagram Stories to express her frustration and share the hurdles she and her group encountered on the way to the global event. “This is a disaster!” she wrote in her now-vanished story. “I’m sorry for all the people who can’t go to the World Cup because of the worst organization in history.”


“My entourage hasn’t received a Hayya card even after 20 days, even though they all have tickets for the final,” the gorgeous brunette continued, referring to the personalized document that visitors to all World Cup matches are required to have. “It’s clear why so many people didn’t even want to take part in this circus!” She added. Knoll rose to fame after her sensual performance at the 2018 World Cup in Russia went viral on the internet. The brunette beauty was dubbed “Croatia’s sexy cheerleader” by local media as she roared about her country.

There have been a number of controversies surrounding this year’s tournament, including complaints about unfinished fan accommodation and a last-minute ban on alcohol being served in stadiums. A near-rush was reported at a fan zone in Qatar earlier this week, with thousands crammed into a confined space. Football fans stood shoulder to shoulder as the festival site, complete with bars and a big screen at Doha’s Al Bidda Park, was cordoned off by police.

The organization even warned wives and girlfriends of English players to dress modestly in Qatar. They were asked to wear a scarf around their necks so as not to show their chest or too much of their figure. The strictly Islamic nation has even banned low-cut tops and short skirts. So far, Knoll has not caused an international incident with her choice of clothing.

The German-born, who lives in Croatia’s capital Zagreb, says she has loved football since she was a child. In 2016, while studying at the Faculty of Graphics in Zagreb, she took part in the Miss Croatia beauty pageant. Days ago, the beauty treated her 578,000 Instagram followers to a drool-worthy beach photo. “How I will dress in Qatar,” she wrote in the caption. The picture showed her flaunting her curvaceous body in a revealing thong.

‘Worst organization in history’: ‘Hottest World Cup fan’ Ivana Knoll lashes out at Qatar officials

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